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Payment Options

Jackson County REMC offers several options to make paying your bill more convenient. 

Pay Bill Online with SmartHub

SmartHub is an online software that provides convenient account access and two-way communication to your utility provider online or via your mobile device. Manage payments, notify customer service of account and service issues, check your usage and receive special messaging from your provider all at the touch of a button. SmartHub is available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets as well as on the Web.


  • Find a MoneyGram location — over 39,000 U.S. agent locations.
  • Bring these with you:
    • Cash — Enough to pay your bill, plus the fee of $1.50.
    • Your Account Number
    • Receive code: 15465
  • Pay the amount and fee at the cash counter.
PrePay Option

Prepaid electric service (PrePay) is a voluntary “pay as you go” plan offered by Jackson County REMC (REMC) where the member is in control – no advance deposits, no monthly bill surprises, and no late-payment charges.

A member electing Prepay service remains subject to all REMC Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and policies, except where these Prepaid Electric Service Terms supersede the standard rules that would otherwise apply.


An account that receives single-phase electric service under the Schedule “A” – Basic Service tariff is eligible for this program except for a) an account with a monthly minimum bill greater than the Prepaid Basic Service Charge, b) an account that is billed under the time-of-use (TOU) billing option or c) an account that requires non-standard metering, i.e. other than a Form 2S, 30-amp, 3-wire meter.

PrePay Advantages

  • No deposits are required
  • No late payment penalties
  • Payments can be made on the member’s own schedule
  • Member can easily monitor daily usage and costs
  • Account balances are updated daily, eliminating large end-of-month bills and surprises

Beginning PrePay

  • Accounts can begin service under the PrePay option by establishing an initial $50.00 credit balance after payment of any applicable fees and any charges that may be owing.
  • For an existing account converting to PrePay, any meter deposit(s) previously paid will be applied toward any fees and/or charges due.  Any remaining deposit balance will be applied as a credit to the PrePay account.
  • An initial payment arrangement up to $400.00 is available to cover up to 50 percent of any amounts due, other than applicable fees and a $50.00 prepaid credit balance.  The payment arrangement will be paid by applying 50 percent of the member’s subsequent electricity purchase against the outstanding arrangement balance until paid in full.  Supervisory authorization is required in order to setup a payment arrangement outside of these parameters.
Pay by Phone

Call 812-358-4458 and press 1 to use our pay by phone system or call 888-999-8816.