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Ensuring hunter safety and protecting power lines: a vital responsibility

In our cooperative, comprising over
20,000 members, the safety and
maintenance of our power grid are
paramount. The power lines, fiber lines
and utility poles serve as the backbone
of our reliable electricity and highquality
internet services. However, an
unfortunate and increasing problem has
emerged: power lines and fiber lines
being shot.

While the majority of hunters prioritize
safety and understand the potential
hazards associated with discharging
firearms, we appeal to their expertise
and experience. We encourage these
responsible hunters, who are familiar
with the area, to assist in identifying
electrical equipment locations for
younger, less-experienced hunters. It is
crucial to prevent tampering or misuse
of our fiber and electric lines, as such
actions not only endanger individuals but
also disrupt the service for all members.
A single shot damaging an electric
or fiber line can result in exorbitant
repair costs, ranging from $5,000 to
$10,000. This financial burden affects
not only the cooperative but also every
member relying on uninterrupted power
and internet access. Therefore, it is
vital to emphasize the significance of
safeguarding our lines and utility poles.

To mitigate the risks associated
with power and fiber line damage,
we emphasize the importance of
education and awareness. Encouraging
experienced hunters to educate others
about the potential hazards and the
locations of our infrastructure helps
foster a culture of responsible hunting.
By spreading knowledge about the
consequences of damaging lines, we can
reduce the likelihood of accidents and
protect the integrity of our cooperative’s
power grid.

We urge all members to work together
in preserving the safety and reliability
of our system. By fostering open
communication and cooperation between
hunters, gun enthusiasts and the
cooperative, we can create a harmonious
environment that ensures the continued
access of essential services to all of
our members.
The preservation of our power lines,
fiber lines and utility poles is vital for the
well-being of our cooperative’s members.
Responsible hunting practices, combined
with education and awareness, play
a crucial role in preventing damage
to our infrastructure. Let us unite in
our commitment to safety, thereby
safeguarding the reliability of our power
grid and maintaining the comforts and
conveniences we all enjoy through
reliable electricity and quality internet.

Tips to protect equipment and stay safe

• Do not shoot at or near power lines,
fiber lines or electrical equipment.

• Familiarize yourself with the
location of power lines and
equipment on the land where you

• Be aware and take note of your

• Take notice of warning signs and
keep clear of electrical equipment.

• Do not shoot at, or near, birds
perching on utility lines with any
type of firearm, including pistols,
rifles, shotguns or bows.

• Keep a safe distance from power
lines and electrical equipment when
hunting. Accidents can be easily
avoided if you do so.

• Be especially careful in wooded
areas where power lines may not be
as visible.

• Never use utility poles or towers to
support equipment used in your
shooting activity.

• Never climb poles or place deer
stands on utility poles. Energized
lines and equipment on the poles
can conduct electricity to anyone
who comes in contact with them,
causing shock or electrocution.

• Do not place decoys or any other
hunting/shooting equipment
on power lines or other utility
equipment. Anything attached to a
pole other than utility equipment
can pose an obstruction, and
a serious hazard, to electric
cooperative employees as they
perform utility operations.