No matter where you work or live today, fast and reliable high-speed Internet is essential to daily life. Not only does a broadband network today need to have the ability to handle a large bandwidth of information, but it also needs to sustain and grow as demand continues to increase.

That’s why we are building a brand new, state-of-the-art, fiber-optic broadband network to provide residents and businesses within the Jackson County REMC footprint access to blazing-fast Internet access.

How to Reboot your 844 Router

How to connect to wifi calling on an Iphone

Router Placement in your home

Internet Outage 4/19/22

Can’t Connect? Try these before calling.

1. Reboot Everything
  • Reboot in this order: Calix router, then computer(s) and tablets.
  • How to reboot router: pull the power plug out of the wall, count to 10 slowly, put power plug back in wall, wait at least 1 minute for unit to stabilize
2. Check lights on devices
  • Do you have lights on the network card in your computer?
    • (some very old cards have no lights – skip this one)
    • If no lights then network cable may be bad or unplugged
  • Do you have lights on the router?
    • If no lights then check power to router, e sure cables are snug, or router may be bad
3. Check programs on your computer
  • Turn off your firewall / check its settings
    • (popular firewalls include: Norton, Zone Alarm, Kerio, McAfee, Blacklce)
    • Windows XP, 7, 10 users have a built-in firewall
    • If you can connect with your firewall off, its settings need to be adjusted
  • Check internet connection settings on internet explorer
    • Check security zones, content settings, privacy settings
  • Check network settings
    • Make sure your network is enabled, network card driver is up to date
  • Check for viruses/worms
    • (popular anti-virus programs include: Norton, McAfee, AVG)
    • Run a full system anti-virus scan
  • Check for spyware
    • (popular spyware removal tools include: Ad-Aware, SpyBot, Norton, Malwarebytes)
    • Run a full system spyware scan
4. Call our Office at 1-800-288-4458
  • Select Option 2 “To report an outage or service related issue”
  • Select Option 2 “For an Internet outage or service related issue”


Local Calls: 812-358-4458
Toll-Free: 800-288-4458


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