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No matter where you work or live today, fast and reliable high-speed Internet is essential to daily life. Not only does a broadband network today need to have the ability to handle a large bandwidth of information, but it also needs to sustain and grow as demand continues to increase.

That’s why we are building a brand new, state-of-the-art, fiber-optic broadband network to provide residents and businesses within the Jackson County REMC footprint access to blazing-fast Internet access.

Have you downloaded the Jackson County REMC Command IQ app?

This app is a valuable addition to your high-speed fiber-optic Internet service. You can take control of your Wi-Fi and devices with a simple click.

Scan the QR code on the image below or search for Jackson County IQ in your app store to download it today!

(If you are experiencing issues getting your device connected, please give us a call at (812) 358-4458)

How to Reboot your 844 Router

How to connect to wifi calling on an Iphone

Router Placement in your home

Can’t Connect? Try these before calling.

1. Reboot Everything
  • Reboot in this order: Calix router, then computer(s) and tablets.
  • How to reboot router: pull the power plug out of the wall, count to 10 slowly, put power plug back in wall, wait at least 1 minute for unit to stabilize
2. Check lights on devices
  • Do you have lights on the network card in your computer?
    • (some very old cards have no lights – skip this one)
    • If no lights then network cable may be bad or unplugged
  • Do you have lights on the router?
    • If no lights then check power to router, e sure cables are snug, or router may be bad
3. Check programs on your computer
  • Turn off your firewall / check its settings
    • (popular firewalls include: Norton, Zone Alarm, Kerio, McAfee, Blacklce)
    • Windows XP, 7, 10 users have a built-in firewall
    • If you can connect with your firewall off, its settings need to be adjusted
  • Check internet connection settings on internet explorer
    • Check security zones, content settings, privacy settings
  • Check network settings
    • Make sure your network is enabled, network card driver is up to date
  • Check for viruses/worms
    • (popular anti-virus programs include: Norton, McAfee, AVG)
    • Run a full system anti-virus scan
  • Check for spyware
    • (popular spyware removal tools include: Ad-Aware, SpyBot, Norton, Malwarebytes)
    • Run a full system spyware scan
4. Call our Office at 1-800-288-4458
  • Select Option 2 “To report an outage or service related issue”
  • Select Option 2 “For an Internet outage or service related issue”