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Request for Meter Test

Request for Meter Test
  1. All rural electric watt-hour meters are tested and recalibrated periodically in accordance with strict Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission standards.
  2. In addition, a member may have a meter tested by request. IURC Rules and Regulations for Electric Utilities, Rule 11 states: Each public utility supplying electrical energy shall make a test of accuracy of registration of a meter upon written request by a customer. A second test of this meter may be requested after twelve (12) months. The customer may be required to bear the full cost of any subsequent tests of this meter if requested at less than thirty-six (36) month intervals if no error be found. A written report giving the results of such tests shall be made to the customer and a complete record of the same shall be kept on file in the office of the public utility.
  3. If a meter is tested by request and found to be "fast" or "slow" by more than 3% the rural electric cooperative will make a billing adjustment, in accordance with IURC Rules.

    Note: Over 99% of Rural Electric meter tests results in no adjustment to the bill. Of the small number of meters that are involved in billing adjustments, slow meters outnumber fast meters more than two to one.

    I hereby certify that I have read and understand the above statements. In accordance with "Rule 11", I request that meter number ________________ serving my account number ________________ be tested and that the results of the test be reported to me and that any indicated billing adjustment, either up or down, be made, all in accordance with the IURC Rules and Regulations.

When one of our servicemen is in your area he will replace the present meter with a newly tested and calibrated one and will seal it in place. Your old meter will be returned to our meter shop where it will be thoroughly inspected and tested. We will mail the test results to you as soon as the test is completed. The meter will be held, in the condition in which we found it, for one month. After that time, if there has been no further contact from you, it will be placed back in service somewhere else on the system.