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Call Before You Dig

Your safety is important to Jackson County REMC. If you plan on doing any digging on your property, whether to plant a tree or build an addition to your home or garage, please call 811 at least two full business days prior to any digging to have all underground utility lines located and marked on your property for FREE.

Power Line Safety

Accidentally contacting a power line can be dangerous and in some cases, even deadly. We want to make sure you know what to do in potentially dangerous situations.

Tree Planting Safety

Right Tree, Right Place

Child Electric Safety

Electrical safety is a top priority at Jackson County REMC. This is most important when it comes to kids. Children don’t always know — or remember — what can be dangerous, so it’s up to the adults to watch out for their safety.

Pet Safety

Keeping every member of your family safe around electricity is a priority and that includes the furry members of your family too.

Home Safety

Visit the link below to learn how to keep your home safe.

Generator Safety

The safety of you, our members, and our employees is a top priority at Jackson County REMC, especially during dangerous times.

Live Line Demo Request Form

With the help of our G&T, Hoosier Energy, we are able to provide a live line demonstration to bring awareness of power line safety. 

Shooting Near Power Lines

In our cooperative, comprising over 20,000 members, the safety and maintenance of our power grid are paramount. The power lines, fiber lines and utility poles serve as the backbone of our reliable electricity and high-quality internet services. However, an unfortunate and increasing problem has emerged: power lines and fiber lines being shot.

First Responders Live Line

Here, you will find the link to our Video on Youtube.

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