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Home Safety

Use these tips to keep your home safe!

  • Put safety caps in unused wall outlets. Children are naturally inquisitive and outlets present a temptation for little fingers.

  • Repair or replace damaged or brittle electrical cords. They can cause a short, shock or an electrical fire.

  • Use electrical cords properly. Remove a cord by pulling on the plug, not the cord itself. Never twist, bind or walk on a cord.

  • Keep electric appliances away from water. Make sure you and the appliance are dry and keep the appliance away from water when in use.

  • Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. GFCIs prevent electric shock by interrupting the electrical supply to the outlet when a ground fault occurs.

  • Be aware of electrical problems. Flickering lights may indicate a wiring problem that needs immediate repair or replacement.

  • Cover all electrical outlets and wall switches with cover plates. Covers prevent any contact between you and inside wiring.

  • Use the correct size (wattage) bulb in all lighting fixtures. Check to make sure bulbs are screwed in securely as loose bulbs can overheat.

  • Use space heaters properly. Never use a space heater near bedding, drapes, furniture or rugs and always unplug it when not in use.

  • Keep a fire extinguisher within easy reach. Use a “C” class fire extinguisher which is safe to use on electrical fires. If one is not available, baking soda will extinguish an electrical fire.