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With the holiday season fast approaching it seems like we are hearing of more, and more scams. Some of those scams are directly targeting utility customers. Most of the time the scam takes place over the phone, you will receive a call and someone will try and convince you to pay them a large amount of money. If you do not pay them right then, they will threaten to immediately disconnect your electric service. Other times they will tell you that you need to meet them somewhere other than the REMC office to make your payment. Scams can also happen in an e-mail telling you to click the link below to pay your bill immediately or you will be disconnected. This will be a fake link that will take you to a website other than REMC. Please be careful not only during the holidays but all year around. If you suspect you are being scammed hang up and call Jackson County REMC at 800-288-4458. We will be happy to let you know the status of your account and if anyone has tried to contact you. As always if you have any questions please let us know.