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Jackson County REMC is a not-for-profit cooperative and we strive every day to manage costs while continuing to provide the reliability and value you deserve.

In 2022 Jackson County REMC underwent an extensive cost-of-service study. Due to the results of that study effective April 1, 2023, members of Jackson County REMC will see a rate change.

The rate change is primarily due to inflation and increasing costs to deliver the reliable electricity you expect. This rate change has nothing to do with our fiber project, which finances have been kept completely separate from the electric side of our operations. 

Jackson County REMC has minimized costs where possible to be responsible stewards of your cooperative. Regrettably, these efforts have limitations when weighing current inflation against the reliability you deserve.


What does Jackson County REMC do with their profits?

Jackson County REMC is a member-owned not-for-profit cooperative. We maintain small reasonable margins between our year-to-year operating revenue and the cost of electric service. Any extra profit made we return to members as capital credits.

When was the last time Jackson County REMC raised rates?

Since we are a not-for-profit, we only raise rates when it is absolutely necessary. This is our first rate and Basic Service Charge change since 2019. Through the last few years of high inflation, we have kept our rates steady. Although our Energy Delivery Charge is increasing our rates remain lower than most of Indiana’s other electric utilities.

What can members do to help reduce their energy usage?

Jackson County REMC understands even a slight increase in rates affects our members, so we are here to help. You can visit our website and Facebook page for energy efficiency tips. We have a Connect to Save energy efficiency program where you may be eligible for a FREE smart thermostat. We also have an energy advisor on staff that would be happy to assess your current usage and offer advice to help you save.

Why is a rate increase necessary?

Higher costs of fuel, materials and purchase prices of power are the main reasons a rate increase is necessary. We try to maintain small margins between our year-to-year operating revenue and the cost of electric service to keep costs as low as possible for our members.

Is the Fiber project a reason that rates are increasing?

No—fiber construction is separate from electric service. Jackson County REMC Fiber is being funded by loans and grants.

What steps did Jackson County REMC take before making the decision to increase electric rates?

Jackson County REMC worked with an independent third-party consultant to undertake what is know as a cost-of-service study to better understand what changes need to be made to the current rate structures based on the upcoming changes to Hoosier’s wholesale rate tariff.  Based on the findings of the study Jackson County REMC developed new tariffs and rate schedules to ensure that Jackson County REMC will be appropriately recovering the costs of delivering electricity to our members. 

Are there any resources for assistance with electric bills?

There are several resources available. Jackson County REMC has knowledgeable CSRs that can help with the matter. For assistance, or more information, dial (812) 358-4458 or visit:

Do members have a voice to express their opinions?

Yes. Each area in our service territory has an elected Board Member. This Board Member was selected individually and voted on by the members of Jackson County REMC. To review who the elected Board member is in your District, visit our website at:

New Rates Effective April 1, 2023