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Purchase Offer “R” Effective January 1, 2017

Effective January 1, 2017


Purchase Offer “R”

Purchase of Power from Member Owned Distributed Generation

Availability – Available to any customer on a first-come, first-served basis with on-site distributed generation nameplate capacity of 50 kW or less that is powered by renewable resources (e.g. solar, wind, or low-head hydro) and interconnected with the Jackson County REMC (Rural Electric) system per specifications.  Limitations to this purchase offer are outlined in the Rural Electric’s C37 Member Owned Distributed Generation Policy.

This tariff will be offered subject to: ­

Standard Rural Electric membership requirements.

  1. A contract agreement between the qualifying facility and Rural Electric that sets forth all terms and conditions governing­ the interconnection of the member owned distributed generation facility.

Billing – The electricity delivered by the Rural Electric to the member will be measured and sold under the appropriate regular tariff.  The electricity generated by the member and delivered to the Rural Electric will be measured and purchased under this Purchase Offer “R” and credited to the account that is billed for the electricity sold to the same site.  A calendar month billing cycle is required and if the purchase credits exceed billed amounts, the excess credits will be rolled forward and applied to the succeeding months’ bills.

Metering – Metering will be the responsibility of the Rural Electric.

Rate – Energy will be purchased on an “avoided cost” basis.  Avoided cost will be based on the calculated Hoosier Energy Portfolio Energy Cost, which will be reviewed annually and adjusted as needed. 

Base Rate for Energy Purchased – $0.0326 per kWh for all months.

Approved by the Board: 10/13/2015

Amended: 10/11/20016

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