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New Service

Steps for a New Service Installation

Whether you want service installed for a new home, barn, campsite or any other type of electric service, there are a few steps needed prior to that construction.

First, call our office (800) 288-4458 to apply for your service installation – just ask for Operations.  Your name, address and phone numbers will be requested.

We will need to know who your nearest neighbor is or you might be asked to get the number off of the aluminum tag attached to the nearest electric pole, to help us pinpoint your location.

A copy of the recorded deed to your property and a building permit, if one is required in your county, will be requested.  We will also need your new 911 address.

Your application will then be given to the engineer for your area who will give you a return call to schedule an appointment to meet with you at the new service location. The engineer will need to know what size service you will need. Also, he will need to know whether you want overhead or underground service.

Paperwork for your new electric service, with any fees required listed, will be mailed to you after you have met with the engineer.

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