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Beat the Peak - Energy Management Program

Participation Requirements

  • Residence
    • Full-time residence
    • KWH usage at least 500 per peak month to receive credits
    • If rental, must have owner’s signature
    • Not billed under time-of-use rate option
    • If installation would require mounting equipment or running wires in finished areas,
      would require specific homeowner approval.
  • Water Heater
    • Must be the primary water heater
    • Must be a standard electric water heater, preferably 50 gallons or more in size
      • Heat pump water heaters and on-demand water heaters are not eligible
    • Must be in good condition (not likely needing to be changed out in the near future)
    • Must have good access
  • Central Air / Heat Pump Cooling Unit
    • Must be the primary cooling unit
    • Must be 2 tons or larger in size
      • Cooling units in single-wide mobile homes are not eligible
    • Geothermal cooling systems are eligible
    • Must be in good condition (not likely needing to be changed out in the near future)
    • Must have good access



What is the energy management program?

The Energy Management Program puts technology to work to save money for REMC members.  It automatically shifts electricity use away from times of peak demand when electricity is the most expensive and when reserve capacity is the lowest.  By cycling the operation of thousands of water heaters and air conditioners during peak times, significant savings can be achieved.

Why is Jackson County REMC promoting this program?

Shifting electricity use away from peak times has proven to be a simple and easy way to lower costs for REMC members all across southern Indiana.  The primary benefit is to lessen future rate increases by deferring investment in new and expensive power plants.  Members who participate in the program also receive bill credits during peak usage months.

How does the program work?

Hoosier Energy, our wholesale power supplier, sends signals to devices that are connected to water heaters and air conditioners to temporarily cycle their operation on a relatively small number of summer and winter days during peak periods.  A peak period typically runs for only two or three hours.

Will I run out of hot water or feel uncomfortable?

With a 50-gallon water heater, most families have sufficient hot water available to accommodate their household needs during a peak period. The air conditioner’s circulation fan will continue to operate while the compressor is cycled every 15 minutes, so there should be minimal impact on your comfort level.

Why should I participate?

Cooperative members participate for a variety of reasons:

  1. For some, it is the current bill credits of either $3 or $8 per peak month.
  2. For others, it is to hold down future rate increases by deferring the need for new power plants.
  3. For others, it’s more about being a good steward of the environment and our energy resources, making better use of existing assets, and increasing the reliability of the electric grid.
  4. Participating is the right thing to do for all of the above reasons.  This is a program where members can pitch in to collectively make a real difference.

How do I sign up?

Participation is simple. Call the REMC, and we’ll walk you through the steps to enroll in the Energy Management Program or print the agreement here and mail, or e-mail to us. It will do a great deal of good, and cost you absolutely nothing.

You may also fill out the form and e-mail it directly to us through this link.

What if I change my mind?

If you are not happy with this program, you can have the device removed.


This is a photo taken of a typical installation of the Load Control Device on a Member's Hot Water Heater.

CLICK HERE for the sign-up sheet

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